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Yes indeed (and it ain’t the first time either).

Design that I did for my female Shan Yu cosplay (first OFFICIAL cosplay ever). I gave the local professional fashion designer these design layouts so she can tailor me the costumes (I can draw/design, but I sure as hell CAN’T sew).

I based Nergui’s main outfit off of this female Shan Yu outfit design that I made for my cosplay.

I’ll be wearing this to Youmacon this year, I can’t wait to see the actual finished costume.

Shan Yu/Mulan © Disney

Female Shan Yu cosplay outfit design © me

P.S. If you’re interested in having me design a custom cosplay costume LAYOUT (in case you need to give it to the seamstress/tailor), feel free to contact me <3

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This is the last WIP/sneak peek I’m going to post of Nergui (my oc from Tngri - Change The World - the Mulan/Shan Yu/Huns fanfic my hubby and I are working on).

I’m STILL at the shadowing stage (hey, this month has been a complete douche to me. On top of me getting a back injury, all the mess & discrepancy with my stupid passport renewal, my hard drive broke and I couldn’t recover any of the files! >:( So… cut me some slack.)

I want to at least finish putting in all the flat colors by the end of the day, and hopefully I can get far with it this week/weekend, depending on how things will go after work this week.

The cat pose image and the wedding scene images are pixilated :P You’ll have to wait till the fully finished version to see the rest.

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Our balcony is a rachid mess right now. Spray painted the props for my female Shan Yu cosplay (the swords), and I inhaled some of the paint fumes :’( The blade, the guard, the handle, I have to put them all together once the paint & clear coat are dry (and then wrap the faux leather wrap around the handle). 

Couldn’t sand down the gesso to get it perfectly smooth, so the blade looks gritty and rough (sunnovabitch!!) >:( Well the sword’s mostly going to be inside the sheath (scabbard), so I doubt that I’ll be taking it out very much.

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Doodling around and trying my own take on Gerda from The Snow Queen! Her design is based on traditional Kazakh clothes.I also thought it would be interesting to give her a huge, fluffy eagle (Another part of traditional Kazakh culture!) since big birds of prey are usually associated with the bad guys in disney movies. Huehuehuehue… I think I want to draw her some more later.

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The Snow Queen Episode 1

NHK’s The Snow Queen anime series (36 episodes). Very intriguing. Checked out the first episode, it’s cute. I might check out the rest of the episodes later.

If you’re a Frozie, a fan of Frozen or a fan of Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen, you might want to check it out (if you haven’t already). I’m not crazy about Frozen, but I’ll still check the rest of the episodes out since I never read the original Snow Queen story.


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The Snow Queen (NHK anime series)


Stumbled across this earlier. People still keep talking about Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen (which I’ve never read :-/), so made me want to Google some stuff up and found out Japan made The Snow Queen anime series back in 2005.

You can check out the episode synopsis and the character bios. Hm, interesting.

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And here are some of the concept art for Shan Yu. <3

Mulan © Disney 

Artwork © Respective owners/concept artists that worked on Mulan

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Again, don’t have new artwork of mine to post yet (working on it damn it!!), so I’m sharing some of the concept art from Mulan Special Edition DVD.

Hunnies!!! \(^_^)/ *Pounces up & down*

It’s a shame that they did’t put the Hun Archer and the Hun with the Mohawk (twin brother of the Hun bald guy - second pic on the top row) in the DVD’s concept art gallery :(

Mulan © Disney 

Artwork © Respective owners/concept artists that worked on Mulan

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Ending to Dragon Ball Kai, Buu Saga. Kind of different for the usual Dragon Ball theme/songs, but it’s really cool. I like it.

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Went through so much shit for the last couple of weeks, including today (some serious injury, technical/computer issues, etc. one after another almost non-stop, completely throwing me off of my normal life cycle) -_- Haven’t been able to work on my latest artwork for almost 2 weeks (on top of that I’ve been busy with work), so seriously, cut me some slack. 

Don’t have new art to post yet, so I’m sharing this. Opening to Dragon Ball Kai, Buu Saga. I totally forgot that they decided to make the Buu Saga for Kai too :-| The song’s pretty catchy like the rest of the other DB songs.