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Nation Guardian by ZilerWolf

Super gorgeous bishified version of Shan Yu by ZilerWolf.

Please go check out the rest of his work!

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My OC Nergui WIP. Currently at the inking stage.

She’s one of the characters from Tngri - Change the World  (series of Shan Yu/Huns/Mulan fanfic that my husband and I are working on).

There are total of 3 different images of her in one piece. Still sh!t ton of work to do -_-; 

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I’ve been a fan of Hitomi Shimatani and her songs since college.

Love this song. Apparently this is an intro to Law of Ueki, but never watched the show. 

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Started working on the prop sword for my female Shan Yu cosplay last night. Since I was too pissed off to draw (thanks to FedEx Office for doing a wack @$$ job on my passport picture and making me waste $15 on it), I decided to jump into this (I have to do it sooner or later).

First time crafting a cosplay prop for a first official cosplay. This better come out right. There are still ways to go to make it look good -_- Crap, and I need to make the sheath for it too so I can carry it on my back. Damn it!! ><

I found a little foam toy sword at a craft store, so I decided to use that as a base and create the additional contents on top of it (and will be applying lots of coating materials before I can spray paint the whole thing).

I need to make the handle bigger/longer, but the whole thing is already taller than half of my height

This morning, I put the sword against my back and asked my husband how big it looks.

Me: “Hey, how big does this sword look on my back?”

My husband: “It’s… GIANT.”

Me: “Good! >:D”

In the film, Shan Yu’s sword looked pretty tiny. I want it to look huge and badass on me! >:D

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One of the swords and sheaths for my character that I’m working on right now. I got one of the three images of her all sketched out with the swords (she carries twin swords), but I’m gonna be stingy and just show you the weapon :p

Sad thing is, you won’t get to see all the details on the sheaths because they’ll be behind her.

I’m hoping to finish the full finished piece before the end of October before our vacation! ><

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No new artwork until the end of October.

I don’t think I’ll be posting much art, W.I.P. stuff, or posts in general until the end of October because I’ll be busy with handful of stuff.

Since my husband and I will be taking our vacation on the last week of October (the week of Youmacon), I need to work some extra overtime (in addition to really getting into redesigning one of the company websites), I want to try to finish at least two artwork before then (one of them’s got shit ton of details with some environments), and I need to really start putting together the props for my female Shan Yu cosplay for Youmacon.

I have majority of the props but since this is the very first official cosplay that I’ll be doing, I want to do it right (meaning I want the costume and the props to look right). I started working on the sword last night since I was too pissed off to draw (wasted $15 on a passport picture that I can’t even use and I was pissed about it all night); so far it doesn’t look too shabby, but there’s a lot more to do X_x

One of the artwork that I’m working on right now has 3 different images in one pic and they all have shit ton of details. I really want to finish this before or by the time my husband and I go on our vacation because I still have a huge kiriban pic to finish for DonnyLB. I know this upcoming week is already going to be busy with work and going to the Consulate General of Japan to get my bloody passport renewal (I hate going there… seriously, I do).

I hope to post new artwork, including pics of my female Shan Yu cosplay ^^ 

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Yeah, I believe so.

So, on the left is the original Khitans Falconers painting by Hu Gui (I think… I think the artist’s name is Hu Gui, but correct me if I’m wrong).

On the right is one of the concept art for the Huns from Disney’s Mulan (from the 2 Disc Special Edition DVD).

Found that original image on the left when I was looking for some references on Google image. When I saw that original image, I was like "WTF!? Isn’t that one of the concept art from the Mulan DVD?"

Heh, it’s almost blatantly identical, eh? Oh… Disney. LOL. Well since it’s just a concept art, I guess there’s no harm, right?

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I never posted my little Angry Birds wedding sculptures that I made two years ago when my husband and I got married. Since my husband’s favorite bird is Red, and mine’s the Blues, I made Red into the groom and Blue into the bride. Since the Blues (Jay, Jim, and Jake) are boys, this one’s a girl.

I’m still trying to figure out what to call her. Since the cannon names are Jay, Jim, and Jake, should I call her Jane, Jill, or June?

Since our wedding ceremony was small & simple (my parents in Japan couldn’t make it since they had to visit their parents for the Bon Festival, besides, my husband and I initially were planning on doing the ceremony JUST BY OURSELVES with the priest and my brother and DonnyLB being the witnesses, but…. things started to turn the different direction and we invited my parents-in-laws, our aunt, our baby cousin, and one our friends). 

I commissioned Just Baked to make our wedding cake, and requested the fondant Red Groom and Blue bird bride to be on top of it ^^

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Now that my AMV was taken down from YouTube, here, just listen to the audio. The song that RIAJ didn’t want to be associated with any YouTube videos. Are they going to harass Tumblr too now? Sure, if they want it removed, I’ll take it down. Enjoy while it’s up.