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Yeah, I believe so.

So, on the left is the original Khitans Falconers painting by Hu Gui (I think… I think the artist’s name is Hu Gui, but correct me if I’m wrong).

On the right is one of the concept art for the Huns from Disney’s Mulan (from the 2 Disc Special Edition DVD).

Found that original image on the left when I was looking for some references on Google image. When I saw that original image, I was like "WTF!? Isn’t that one of the concept art from the Mulan DVD?"

Heh, it’s almost blatantly identical, eh? Oh… Disney. LOL. Well since it’s just a concept art, I guess there’s no harm, right?

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I never posted my little Angry Birds wedding sculptures that I made two years ago when my husband and I got married. Since my husband’s favorite bird is Red, and mine’s the Blues, I made Red into the groom and Blue into the bride. Since the Blues (Jay, Jim, and Jake) are boys, this one’s a girl.

I’m still trying to figure out what to call her. Since the cannon names are Jay, Jim, and Jake, should I call her Jane, Jill, or June?

Since our wedding ceremony was small & simple (my parents in Japan couldn’t make it since they had to visit their parents for the Bon Festival, besides, my husband and I initially were planning on doing the ceremony JUST BY OURSELVES with the priest and my brother and DonnyLB being the witnesses, but…. things started to turn the different direction and we invited my parents-in-laws, our aunt, our baby cousin, and one our friends). 

I commissioned Just Baked to make our wedding cake, and requested the fondant Red Groom and Blue bird bride to be on top of it ^^

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Now that my AMV was taken down from YouTube, here, just listen to the audio. The song that RIAJ didn’t want to be associated with any YouTube videos. Are they going to harass Tumblr too now? Sure, if they want it removed, I’ll take it down. Enjoy while it’s up.

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F*** you RIAJ

So yesterday I found out that the RIAJ (
Recording Industry Association of Japan) forced YouTube to take down my Shan Yu & the Huns AMV I did over the summer. I didn’t even get an email notification. I found out when I saw a empty black box on the embedded video on my DA account.

Yeah yeah yeah, I understand… it’s because I used copyrighted music (and footage). However, my intention was NOT to make any profit off of copyrighted material (I solely did it for fun, to share it with the others, pay tribute to my favorite Disney villain, AND to Pres Romanillos, THE creator of Shan Yu), and I credited every possible people, from the recording company, the band, Disney, the artist/animators that worked on Mulan, Avex Trax, etc). I shit you not, I’ve seen thousands of music videos, AMV, some fan made shit all across YouTube with copyrighted material and those have been around forever and some people are too lazy and inconsiderate to NOT give any credits to the original creators. If I end up using something that don’t belong to me or share someone’s work here on Tumblr, I ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO CREDIT THE ORIGINAL CREATOR AND LINK BACK TO THE ORIGINAL, no matter what. But apparently to RIAJ, that isn’t enough.

My video was only up for 3 month, and it didn’t even get a chance to be around for couple of years or reach 10,000 views or something. The weird thing is, I posted two versions, one with the lyrics and one without. They only removed the one with the lyrics, but I just took down the other one too since I caught a heat for it already.

Apparently I’m not the first and only victim of this circumstance. Bunch of people got their YouTube videos removed by the RIAJ’s demand. I was pretty surprised that my video got removed THIS soon (I was also surprised that Avex Trax or Disney didn’t make a fuss; it was somebody else).

I’m still pretty bitter about it. When I found out last night before turning in, I was PISSED. Fucking ragin’, blazin’, furiously PISSED to the point where I couldn’t think straight. I was pissed just like HHH when Randy Orton RKO-ed his wife.



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My husband was playing video game out in the living room last weekend and we had Poko’s cage open and apparently he flew out and chilled over by the bookshelf (I was working on my art in the other room), so he had to take a pic of it.


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Couldn’t help it. It was irresistible. When I saw the Attack on Titan Zannen-sans, the first thing I thought about was to draw Shan Yu Zannen-san.

When my husband saw this, he said "He’s so…. ROUND!! You can probably roll him around on the table".

Yeah, I WISH!! I wish there was an actual little plushie keychain of this.

In my drawing, I put the little “X” bandage on his head from where he got injured by the fireworks (yeah, I WISH he got away with cute minor injury like this, but he didn’t). But the unfortunate truth is, he actually got blown up into pieces. When I was watching the behind the scenes for Mulan, one of the directors/producers mentioned they didn’t want to show blood and details in the scene where Shang’s army found the defeated Imperial Army at the Tung Shao Pass village because it’s kids movie.


SAY WHAT!!!???

Uhm… didn’t Shan Yu die in the most brutal and gruesome manner? In real life, it WON’T be pretty (except for the damn fireworks). I don’t think any crime scene investigators, crime scene clean up professionals, or coroners would want to… you know what, I’ll shut up now.

Donnylb sent me this couple of month ago, and fond out Shan Yu ranked #13 in the most horrific Disney Villain deaths. And I remember telling him, "Ursula, Malificent, and Facilier’s deaths were ****ing CUPCAKES compared to Shan Yu’s gruesome death. My poor Hunny Bun :(" Seriously, that poor fella…

* Shan Yu (Mulan) © Disney

* Artwork © Me

* Zannen-san © respective owners (Anyone know the creator? If you do, I would appreciate if you can let me know so I can credit them).


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Disney Girls/Princesses Redux Project - Jasmine.

Don’t cha wish your princess was hot like me. SHUT THE *%#@ UP!!

Well seriously… so far this is the sexiest rendition of the female Disney characters I’ve done (I’ve only done 3-4 others).

I cussed myself out for putting in sh!t ton of details because it’s going to be HELL to ink this later -_-; Oh… son of a B…

Ok, I’m putting these in queue and ink/color these in the near future. I’m going to work on two other artwork that I need to prioritize (one of them is the first place kiriban prize… sorry Donald. It will be done and when it does, you’ll be amazed).

* Jasmine (Aladdin) © Disney

* THIS VERSION of Jasmine © Me * Artwork © Me

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Environments from Muramasa - The Demon Blade.

I’m mesmerized and overwhelmed by the vivid colors and the intricate details applied in every single one of these environments. Sh!t, I wish I can paint environments like this (and I want to).

4 things that crossed my mind after seeing these:

1.) These look incredible

2.) I wish I can paint environments like this

3.) Makes me want to play the game

4.) I want to live there (seriously, I wish I was a character in the game just so I can visit/live in these places). 

* Original artwork from RPGFan. More artwork available there.

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So lately my wife has really been into Disney’s mulan. Particularly the villains. She asked me to draw the other guys that the main villain, Shan Yu, runs with. So here they are. I think they came out pretty good. I hope you like them as much as she did, though I doubt that is possible.

Reblogging this again, just to show love & appreciation for my hubby’s art and to my favorite 5 Hun Warriors (Shan Yu’s 5 Elite Hun soldiers from Mulan). <3

Glad we got to RP Tngri - Change the World (our Shan Yu/Huns/Mulan fanfic - …. well, it’s mainly about Shan Yu and the Huns and their supporting characters :P) twice this weekend ^^ Can’t wait to draw the artwork of the characters from it (they’re ALLLLLL in queue under huge lists of to draw list ><).