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On My Way [from Disney’s ‘Brother Bear’] - Jonathan Young cover

And of course I love this guy’s cover of Brother Bear’s “On My Way”.

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I really like this song. It hasn’t left my head since yesterday. 

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Third place kiriban prize (one inked character) for Cathaclysm, her OC Astoria

Since her character design is pretty interesting, I might color this later, but not anytime soon. I have so much stuff on my plate (two other kiriban prizes along with bunch my personal projects).

I hope you like it ^^

Alright, second place kiriban prize next.

* NOTE: Only the winner has the high-res, watermark free version.

Art © me

Astoria © Cathaclysm

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Milk burns in my nostrils…

Was drinking milk while watching Ancient Aliens, laughed pretty hard at this one scene, and choked and snotted milk all through out from the nostrils. Ugh…GROSS!!

Blew my nose, rinsed the nostrils out, and gargled but my nostrils STILL burn. Dang it!! That was one of the shittiest timing!! F*ck!!

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Used my Anthro Shan Yu Gang image to make a banner at the end of my Shan Yu & the Huns AMV.

Animated GIF version’s so grainy AND a lot FASTER (had to make it in Photoshop, which fucked up 90% of the timing/speed) >:( It looks better in the actual vid. Check it out if you haven’t already (if you’re a fan of Mulan’s villain, I can almost guarantee, you won’t be disappointed) ;)

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I never really cared for the song "Under The Sea" (except for back in the days when I was still a pipsqueak when the movie came out….. 1989? Shit, I think I was in preschool around that time O_o), but for some reason I DO like this version… a lot. I dunno… poppy and fun I guess.

Listening to this version makes me feel like a tween again (yeah, the good ‘ol time of youth and innocence).

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3rd place kiriban prize WIP. One of Cathaclysm’s OC’s, Astoria.

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for you and me who experience artblock..
keep on drawing!


This is exactly what I’m going through at the moment, and yes, it’s the exact thing I’m doing as well. I’m currently in a low art rut and feeling very discouraged about my art, so I’m going ahead and forcing myself to draw more.

It’s nice to see some reinforcement!

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My version of genderbent Ursula and the two moray eel pet lackeys, Flotsam and Jetsam. Not only did I genderbend Flotsam and Jetsam, but I also made them into mermaids (so I did a combination of gijinka and genderswap).

Not too shabby… eh? *Raises eyebrow* I’m pretty happy with the way how Flotsam and Jetsam came out (they look like the male Ursula’s b!tches, making him look like the huge underwater pimp). My husband mentioned Ursula looks like an underwater mobster don.

Will ink and paint/color this later. Since I got the kiriban winners today, I’ll be working on the kiriban prizes for a little while. I’m curious to know what the winners are going to request me.